Cognitive-Affective Protectionism

On this episode I give a rundown of my recent activities and lay down a concept I coined in my recent essay “The Metonymy Economy” (up at called cognitive-affective protectionism. From putting on headphones to entering a safe space, protecting ourselves from overstimulation is perhaps the defining challenge of our times.

A Cognitive-Affective Christmas



Zummi Pilgrimage

A selection from my conversations with Zummi when I went to visit him. We talk about linguistics, and how the development of writing led to cognitive-affective developments which are under-regarded by most cultural and political commentators. These reflections have relevance for generating post-political movements in our time and embracing the shift to the new paradigm.

The Metonymy Economy (Essay version in Show)


My grad school application essay on poetics. Shelley and Baudrillard are inspiration for the cognitive affective revolution and resolution of interminable dramas. Then show relevance for social science with the example of environmental economics. The concept of cognitive affective protectionism is coined to refer to development strategies in the new paradigm.

This is the paper i tried to leave at the CIA




Recidivism: Turning Lives Around, Turning Society Around

On this week’s show, I am joined for the fourth time by Dr. Peter Lindsay as well as by Omar Howard and Colleen Higgins. We discuss recidivism, when people returning from being incarcerated wind up going back to jail. This is very common in the US, as returning citizens (and non-citizens, as we sadly fail to note on the program) face steep barriers to re-entry to society. We discuss the hardships involved in attempting to move on from a stint of incarceration, and what it says about our society that we have been so punitive toward our most vulnerable members while high crimes by the powerful go unchecked.

Dr. Lindsay co-founded the Georgia Prison Education Project in 2017.

Omar Howard is the founder of Freedom is a Choice, inc., a mentoring company which seeks to keep at-risk youth and adults out of jail.

Colleen Higgins is a client advocate in the City of Atlanta Public Defenders’ Office


The Metonymy Economy


Everything’s Going to Be Just Fine


Weekend At Zummi’s | Episode I: The Phantom Menace


This is the first edited episode of my conversations with Zummi over the weekend November 23-4. I traveled to see him and it was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, not because I consider Zummi my mentor exactly, but because in him I felt as though I could stop seeing myself in the “Elephant in the Forest,” who suffers in solitude. We really got along and learned a lot from each other, and the companionship and compelling thinking and joyous laughing we did together gave me a lot of energy. I hope our conversation is educational and encouraging to listen to.

In this episode, we introduce the main theme of our conversations: how language itself is a factor in social life which is usually unheeded. We don’t think enough about the advent of language and the alphabet, and how the beginning of linguistic tool-making are the basis for our computerized utopia/dystopia. In the middle there is a jam we did together.

Zummi Pilgrimage Part 1

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Hanging out with Zummi while he does carpentry. Shooting the breeze, talking about all that cool shit, you already know.