Dr. Peter Lindsay on Property

This week on Speaking Broadly we discussed property: how do we decide who gets to control what? Dr. Peter Lindsay is a professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Georgia State University, and writes in support of changing the way we normally think of property. From an abstract of one of his published papers:

“In our commonplace understanding of property, the ‘‘right to exclude’’ is
seen as its central and defining feature: to own is to exclude. This paper examines the
cost, to conceptual and normative clarity, of this understanding. First, I argue that the
right not to be excluded is a crucial if overlooked element not simply of liberal
understandings of ownership, but even of the right to exclude itself. Second, I argue that
our neglect of the right not to be excluded severely undermines the clarity and precision
with which matters of ownership are debated within both contemporary politics and
political philosophy.”

Dr. Lindsay and I discuss the matter of property relations, and his argument that billions of people in the world today have no interest in upholding respect present unjust property relations, and no moral obligation to do so.

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