We’re all gonna die by 2030: Guy McPherson on climate

Today I gave some comments on the democratic debates, principally on the rhetorical power of Williamson and the 4th wall breaking / environmental bleakness from Yang. Then I moved on to talking about the dire results of abrupt climate change predicted by Guy McPherson, who believes every human being will be dead by 2030 as we make the planet unlivable for ourselves.

It might seem bleak and no fun, but don’t worry Baudrillard theory is also here to help us see that despair is only the first step to a new game we can play with each other and the world. Tune in next week to hear more from Baudrillard on death, mourning, and the environment.

PS: the next two shows will be pre-recorded or not happen since I’m traveling to visit my dying grandmother in Germany.

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