Recidivism: Turning Lives Around, Turning Society Around

On this week’s show, I am joined for the fourth time by Dr. Peter Lindsay as well as by Omar Howard and Colleen Higgins. We discuss recidivism, when people returning from being incarcerated wind up going back to jail. This is very common in the US, as returning citizens (and non-citizens, as we sadly fail to note on the program) face steep barriers to re-entry to society. We discuss the hardships involved in attempting to move on from a stint of incarceration, and what it says about our society that we have been so punitive toward our most vulnerable members while high crimes by the powerful go unchecked.

Dr. Lindsay co-founded the Georgia Prison Education Project in 2017.

Omar Howard is the founder of Freedom is a Choice, inc., a mentoring company which seeks to keep at-risk youth and adults out of jail.

Colleen Higgins is a client advocate in the City of Atlanta Public Defenders’ Office


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