Extracurricular Broadcast

Zummi Pilgrimage Part 1


Just realized my file didn’t upload right. Check out the posts by me in the lobby (Adam Wadley) for the uploads. All the material is there right now

Hanging out with Zummi while he does carpentry. Shooting the breeze, talking about all that cool shit, you already know.


“The Project”: Open Source Think Tank, Outlook on History, Transposing Conlict into Cultural Challenge

On this improvised recording, I brainstorm my idea for an open source think tank and possible research questions. I wind up talking a lot about my philosophy of life, the world, history, cultural anthropology, and much more. Not much jargon, just straight dope ideas. If you would like to join my research project, send me an email at SpeakingBroadlyShow@gmail.com or DM me. Talk about your research interests or what you think you can bring to the project. Also getting into providing affective/cognitive support for those struggling with circumstances and making a change. Hmu to get involved



Joker: Carnival and Cannibal


Everyone’s making analyses of Joker, so I guess I have to also! Here’s 80 minutes of a deep dive into Joker and the first few pages of Baudrillard’s Carnival and Cannibal. It’s just the beginning, but I already get into the themes of whiteness, childhood and intergenerational trauma, world history, and aesthetics. Whew! More to come, sometime, but until then this insomniac recording will have to tide you over.

Note: I edited this to make to make it louder, but I don’t know how to remove the distortion so this is as loud as it can comfortably go. Hope you can hear it. I will be going over all of this again in the time to come