Dr. Guy McPherson on Abrupt Climate Change, Human Extinction, and Planetary Hospice

My hour-long interview with Dr. Guy McPherson, where we talk about abrupt climate change, the near certainty of human extinction, and how to behave rightly knowing that all this is coming to an end: Planetary Hospice. Callers also submit their opinions and questions for Dr. McPherson

Guy McPherson, r/SorceryOfTheSpectacle, Ben Zweibelson

Forgot to mention: started recording a few seconds after the show started! Sorry about that…

On this week’s show, I play you some unfiltered Dr. McPherson smackdown on how industrial civilization and stopping it both lead to extinction. Then let’s get magical and think about r/SorceryOfTheSpectacle, which took Marxist aesthetics and got weird with it. Lastly, no direct Baudrillard this time but guess what: Major Ben Zweibelson, who is “Program Director for Design and Innovation at the Joint Special Operations University” (AKA real shit), writes many papers talking about Baudrillard’s relevance to strategic consideration at the highest levels. Here’s one.  Here’s to learning how to die, symbolically and (if it comes to it) biologically.

Birthday show: Bunkers, Epstein, and Innocence

Fallout Boy

On this week’s show, I relate a couple anecdotes about my trip to Germany, cover the headlines that I missed, and talk about Baudrillard’s theories of character armor and cuteness.

What does it mean to have a Real Conversation about Race?

This week, I decided to make the theme of the show a phrase I’ve heard from many callers. People will say, “Until we have a real conversation about race, nothing is going to change.” Well, what do we mean when we say a “real” conversation about race? I open up the discussion with an article by Dr. George Yancey, and we wind up discussing everything from Western culture to reparations. We’ll keep going on the same topic next week, so stay tuned from noon-1 PM EST on Thursdays! You can listen to WRFG at 89.3 FM in Atlanta, at WRFG app.